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Micro Solutions

In day to day operations there is a huge amount of time wasted by repetitive data processing tasks. Most of these can easily be automated. Not only reducing errors but essentially completing the task in no time. By delivering solutions as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions are immediately available without the hustle of installation.

Portfolio Application

Our flagship product is the end-to-end portfolio building and management tool. It supports the portfolio manager in finding optimized solutions for a given fixed income strategy. The tool assists in data pre-processing, data integrity check, propagation, matching target parameters, fine-tuning assistance, back-testing, ongoing rebalancing and comprehensive reporting options.

Faster than you finish your coffee.

Significant for:
Buy-Side: Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Fund Manager.
Sell-Side: HNWI Relationship Manager, Institutional Sales


If you are a small to medium-sized firm with data and potential bottlenecks in processing and extracting value then we are here to create customized solutions for you.